Mar 31, 2010

Flying 101

Spent the first days of summer '10 with a lot of firsts...

For only 5000 pesos, you can ride this smallest plane ever in Angeles City Flying Club and get to fly with an instructor for one hour!:D

We took pictures of the land for the first ecovillage in the Philippines. These are the areal views, you will see the place up close in my next post.

Some actually claim they are ecovillages, but actually they are not according to the patented definition of my boss. Haha!

You can see that there are a lot of water ways. This will be used for kayaking (which I actually tried!) and for breeding of fish and shrimps. They are all man made streams and ponds.

Below is the very beautiful lake and river in Cabiao, Nueva Ecija. It's just across the main street from where the ecovillage is, but the view is obstructed by the houses.

Right now you can see a lot of water spinach (kang kong) in the pond - a sign that the water is very healthy and rich in nutrition.

Below are what I believe to be mango orchards.

And this is one of the projects of my uncle, it's a mini dam build to regulate the flow of the river.

Seeing everything above ground makes you appreciate nature more. Breathtaking!

Will be adding this again to my bucketlist next year!:D

PS: I'm turbo blogging so everything is rushed since I have loads of kwento. Will get into the details later, or you can ask me through comments.


Anonymous said...

is this like your job now or some kind of internship?

Neil Palteng said...

good question!

no. it's not my job because i'm not being paid to do this. it's volunteer work and something that i really enjoy.

i consider my volunteer works for UNICEF more as a job, although technically it isn't, because i'm being paid there. haha!

Anonymous said...

Nice! Specifically, where in Cabiao it is situated...