Jun 2, 2009

When Kids Forget to be Kids

My nephew visited us this afternoon for a very peculiar reason. His father (my cousin) secretly confiscated his PSP. To prevent him from dying, his yaya brought him to our house to borrow my sister's barely touched PSP.

I don't know what's with kids these days. They can't seem to appreciate the simple stuff like going out in the rain or playing with your pet lobster (I used to have one named Keropi) If it's not bought with wads of cash, they find it difficult to appreciate.

Back in the days (parang lola na), when kids want to have fun, they just call their next door playmates and play Tagunan (Hide and Seek) or in our case, "Kill the Zombie" ala Resident Evil. I used mom's hair dryer while my brother picked the iron straightener/curler. Compared with toy guns, our "weapon" really look high tech and classy.

The good thing about techie toys is that even grown ups can play with them. How many times have you seen professionals play with their PSP? I know, it's a disgusting sight. Techie toys also benefit the economy because they allow money to circulate and provide jobs to electricians, industrial designers... For the kids, it kills boredom.

Absolute reliance on these toys prevents children from learning necessary skills they will need in future socialization. They cannot learn camaraderie and teamwork if they remain in their rooms playing Guitar Hero alone. Of course they can invite their playmates but the interaction is different compared to the traditional Filipino games.

Creativity and resourcefulness are obviously not practiced. Instead of buying, they used to make their own toys. Simplicity is not appreciated. Remote controlled cars, Barbie and Wii did not exist before so they have to be contented with trumpo, yoyo, holens and sipa.

Empathy can only be learned through personal interaction. Understanding of another's situation, feelings, and motives cannot be picked up in the cyber world. This is probably the most essential factor that makes relationships effective.

Here's a thesis suggestion: Find out if there is a relationship between the quantity or "intensity" of spoiled brats from the number of designs of game consoles sold in the market. I assure you that there is a positive correlation.

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