Jun 1, 2009

Free Will: Punishment for Being Envied by the Gods

The Gods envy us. They envy us because we’re mortal, because any moment might be our last. Everything is more beautiful because we’re doomed. You will never be lovelier than you are now. We will never be here again.

I have to agree with Homer here. We are envied so the Gods gave us faux Free Will as punishment. But I won't argue the existence of Free Will. One can freely choose between tinola soup and bouillabaisse soup.

Free will is a marketing strategy of Christianity in order to (let's say) entice the people to remain in them. In fact, the Church provides us a sneaky definition of authentic freedom - not the right to say and do anything but to do good; it is not found in prejudice, deceit, or ignorance, but in Truth. In Christ's words, "the truth will set you free."

So Free will is nothing more than an existing concept. Purists would say that it cannot stand alone without responsibility. Another bullshit if you'd ask me.

Free Will's virtual nonexistence is a punishment. It just prolongs the mental agony of people in choosing what soup they will have for lunch.

Everything is actually predetermined. The choices that you make is influenced by uncontrollable and concealed events borne by the cosmos in order for the grand plan of the universe to be fulfilled. Maybe you have colds so you'd pick tinola soup, or you saw this seafood commercial in the television so you ask your maid to cook you a bouillabaisse soup.

When you were conceived, you weren't able to choose your own gender, race or nationality. Your parents cannot ask the gods to perform some divine intervention so you'd look like David Beckham or Angelina Jolie when you grow up. These incidents will influence the way you perceive life and eventually pressure you to make decisions that had been pre-chosen even before you made your choice.

Filipinos would not be empowered to oust Marcos without the death of Ninoy Aquino. Ninoy's decision to return to the Philippines was fueled by his nationalism which can be traced back when he was a kid giving political speeches to his household in Tarlac. If he wasn't born in a political family, we won't have Embassy at The Fort.

Buddha won't choose to find enlightenment if he accidentally did not see poverty, sickness, death and a peaceful monk along the streets of his palace.

Judas was an unfortunate soul in order to complete God's salvific plan for us. If God had not prepared Judas as a traitor, there won't be much drama for Matthew, Mark, Luke and John to write about.

Nostradamus' predictions were virtually accurate. He was able to unlock the codes of the cosmos and see a pattern that no free will can destroy in order to decipher the major plans of the universe.

So don't agonize if you got kicked out of your chosen course or you're the only one in the group who has no decent relationship yet. No free will can destroy what you ought to be, a priest (joke!).

Don't fear making a wrong choice since whatever you will pick has been pre-picked already by higher beings who envy us:D

"There's probably no free will. Now stop worrying, as if you had a choice."

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