Jun 1, 2009

High School Baul

Even though this is my first post in Blogger. I'm not new to the blogging industry. I wrote my first during a very boring computer class in junior high and ever since then, I can't stop writing my thoughts in Multiply.

Here's one of my posts to give you a good background of who I am since the About Me section does not say much.


It was around 12:30am when we decided to eat again. Krispy Kreme was almost closed so we opted to go to Sonja's - one of the girliest places on Taguig City. Luckily, the four seats inside were vacated (and that rarely happens) so we sat there and ordered some brownies and cupcakes:D

Since the place was very cozy and warm, we started talking about the stupid stuffs and people back in High School. Then Mikes said that he's going to do a blog of his High School Baul. That's a great idea! So now i'm doing mine...

My ancient notebook/journal/diary which was once held hostage by (i think) Trini or Dennis. This is where i write very important stuff like: "My gosh, it's so init at school today. La Cantina and Amici are full again so we had to make tambay in front of the pastoral office's aquarium."

Diary during my first camp at Bacolod. It was memorable because we got stranded for 10 days there because of the bad weather. All i remembered in that camp are mango scented hotel rooms, bowling lanes, and a Robinsons Mall that closed around 7pm(!)

1st Impression Papers. (1)We had an interaction with Saint Paul QC and I was the host. The girls were great and very participative in the games. Thank you for their limited knowledge on adjectives. Hehe:)) Puro Sexy Hot!

(2) This was done during our retreat at Tagaytay. It's more of a comment paper than a first impression.

Letters. Everything's in there: Palanca letters (all year levels applicable), Day's letters, death threats and appologies.

Jess Letter and a gift from my sponsor:D

I never wore the shirt because i'm afraid that water might wash out the paint even if he used acrylic paint.

Senior Class Pictures. I was the last person to arrive at the area so muntik na akong hindi masama. But they waited naman. This was shot at the small chapel

Jommel's 24 page goodbye note(book). Still got this:D

Cameras Flash! Booties Shake!
Heads Turn! Music plays!
Dance floor comes to life!
Party People unite in
CIAO2006 CIAO2007

This was the first batch christmas party/soiree that we hosted/organized/sponsored at Antel Platinum Condo in Salcedo Village Bel Air Makati. We partied at the roofdeck gameroom, garden and pool (that wasn't used).

At first we thought baka walang pumunta because the party was supposed to start at six and wala pang dumarating. People got lost. They eventually found their way to the party at around 8-9pm.

I remember Justin passed out because sinolo niya yata yung Tequila. We had to carry him sa elevator at ihatid sa house nila.

House Flag. Alexis said that the dragon in the flag was inspired by me:D The theme for the year was ancient civilizations and we unfortunately got China. I wanted Egypt. Jaime did a good job painting the dragon.

College review books that were not used. Honestly, i wasn't able to go to any review centers for the college exams so i bought some books that are still very clean up to this day.

High School Magazines: The Bosconian Forum. I never got to pose for the front page:(

Starbucks planner. I fondly remember our often visits to Starbucks Shaw just to fill up our cards with stickers. The baristas (especially the fat girl) know us well because we make loud noises. The crew are really friendly, even the guard.

Here is where I write my CL and Physics notes when i'm lazy getting my notebook.

Elementary Memoirs

High School Memoirs. Thanks to Ma'am Ting and her team for the great layout this year. For those who haven't gotten their yearbooks, get it at (i think) publishing office.

I don't like my page because i really looked fat so here are random pages from the yearbook:D

Quick trivia: the guy on the bottom left was the partner of Bernise (my blockmate) during the prom.

Prom and Grad Pics. Junior prom was held in Crowne Plaza; Senior at Makati Shang. My partner there is Andy from SPQC. The theme was Oscars so the stripes in my suit was subtle gold while my partner's dress is glittering in gold but the camera wasn't able to capture it.

Again, i looked really hideous in my grad pic so here are the people who (i think) gave me their grad pics for souvenir.

I hope you enjoyed the stuff from my "high school baul." If you're not doing anything and you need to kill time, make one rin:D

It's actually fun because you get to rediscover some stuff that you thought you had lost a long time ago.

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