Aug 23, 2011

Lights, Camera, Action!

I was surprised when one of our featured personalities, Adrian Gonzales, asked me to cameo for his thesis short film, Ningas. I have been invited to do cameos before for school projects but this was much different. And it's Adrian Gonzales we're talking about - just the guy whose works will be exhibited in Milan this September.

This is the big acting break that I've been waiting for! Haha! I'm kidding of course because I really have no talent in acting. Nevertheless, I confirmed our attendance for the shoot together with my brother. 

Everyone in the staff of Ningas were very accommodating. We were the fashionable friends of Camille, the Chinese lead actress. Our lines were very little and I think our scene will just be within a minute but it took us 3 hours, from 9am till noon to get everything done! It was that intense. One scene even took 8 takes just to perfect it.

I used to direct short films for school projects but this was much different. There's just this insatiable need for perfection and they were very attentive to the littlest details. I'm not complaining though, I want to appear in a film with the utmost quality. Haha!

We arrived home just in time for lunch. It was definitely a day worth remembering! The film will be shown during Cine Adarna at the end of September! Definitely can't wait.

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