Aug 29, 2011

Art Works As Lovers

I find it refreshing whenever someone talks about his passion - whether it's about the environment, a new business idea, a latest fashion purchase or art.

A few days ago, we were invited to Art 101 in Superfresh, Ronac Art Center in Greenhills. The schedule said that it will start around 7pm, but we arrived around 8pm. Not surprisingly, the event just began 5 mins after we were seated.

The speaker, Bjorn Santos, talked about how he started his art collection. It was after high school that he became fascinated with paintings. There's something about art that attracted him so he "compelled" his parents and godparents to give him monetary gifts during Christmas and his Birthdays.

What started out as a simple fascination became a hobby, and saying it's an obsession may not be such a strong statement. From his first artwork, he grew his collection to roughly less than a thousand paintings and sculptures! My jaws just dropped! Having mentioned that he taught English in Our Lady of Fatima University, I thought that maybe their family also owns the school!

Then my brother told me, "look at his shoes - it's Dior!"

It takes more than the appreciation of an art work's monetary value (ehem, investment piece) or an eye for beauty (home accessory) that makes someone an art collector. There was something with the way Bjorn talked about art - like a child of a painter, an intimate lover of a collector. Art is alive.

There are those who are moved, who understand what is being expressed and who take part in the creative process of bringing the creativity into continuity. I'm not sure if you get this but there are times in art galleries where in I look at a work and the painting catches me off guard. Like I feel very vulnerable all of a sudden because here is a work that I can very much relate to.

Art expresses unarticulated desires and bridges our sensibilities with our subconscious. More often than not, it is continuous and builds up on past realizations. This may be the reason why the more you look at an art work, the more you are drawn to it. And like in Oscar Wilde's novel Dorian Gray, you become one with the art work. Isn't that how lovers eventually end up?

photos by Nicole Santos

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