Jun 30, 2011

TV Premier

Sorry for being MIA for a couple of days! My gosh! I don't usually survive a week without blogging here but that's what happens when you are "working."

One month after we launched manilakid.com, NBN Channel 4 was gracious enough to air our taped interview for the show SheKa! To those wondering, the assistant of the procducer was the one who contacted me about the interview;) I asked manilakid.com's creative director (Jonard) and fashion editor (Nicole) to accompany me during the interview. It's like the Preview Team! Haha!

This was the firt time we appeared on national TV! I was actually dead nervous. What if I go barok? What if my make up is uneven? What if? What if? We just went with it and based from what we saw on TV, everything went well naman.

The taping was held in Wildlife Center in QC. The place is so Japanese so we took advantage of the scenery to shoot our "chictopia" pictures, though our chictopia accounts are dead na.

AND>>> Here we are sa TV! Finally! I was even eating popcorn and hot chocolate to make the event more ceremonious. Our models also appeared on TV!

Interviewer: Do you have an email where people can contact you?
Nicole: You may email us at www.manilakid.com@gmail.com


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