Jun 19, 2011

Corporate Slavery

"What's the worst thing that can happen to you in five years?" That was one of the questions they asked us during our organization team building last year. I think I wrote "become fat, poor and drunk", but there was a particular answer that until now bothers me. Corporate Slave.

These are people who are overworked in a passionless environment who's ambition has been shot down by their "need" to earn a living. Their main motivation is the money and the promotion they are working so hard for - to earn more money. Big corporations milk these people for their talent in exchange of sugar-coated sour benefits. There's a fine line between a dedicated hardworking employee and a corporate slave, and probably most people think they're on the former.

Sorry for sounding innocent, but I wonder why some (probably those in their mid-thirties) still stay chained in their jobs even if they've always felt unfulfilled in their position. Maybe it's because they fear change or they've been complacent in their growth. Uncertainty usually gets the best of us, but it's these Magellans who succeed in getting the most out of life, reaching their Spice Islands.

We only live once so we might as well dare to live it and not let the current of traditions or (speaking from experience) family expectations take us away from our ambitions. You shouldn't follow parents dictating that you have to get a job that demands you to wear long sleeves and a tie if you know that this will not contribute to fulfilling your purpose. Maybe it's just another stepping stone, but the corporate world shouldn't dictate what you were born for.

Find and do something that excites you every time you wake up in the morning. As my friend said, find a job that you'd actually pay for.

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