Jun 18, 2011

Baguio Night Life

Who would have thought that Baguio has a night life? It's easy to think that a city on top of a mountain has its people sleeping by 8pm because of the sleep-conducive environment. Well people, a five minute drive from Burnham park will lead you to the aptly named Nevada Square, Baguio's own version of The Fort.

My friends and I were supposed to go to an artsy bar to chill for the night, but we suddenly craved for something "wilder". Google led us to Nevada Square. Upon arrival, we noticed that no one was in the vicinity. The music was already pumped up and you can see bouncers around the area but people were probably sleeping. We thought since it's a Thursday night, no one would go out... but we were proven wrong. (Wag kasing pumunta ng 9pm, okay?)

Around 11pm, the crowd started to build up. There are no dress codes and you won't see girls in skimpy dresses and skirts because it was freezing! Some of the early crowd were college students, you can see that they came straight from school or a group meeting because they still have their back packs with them!

I don't usually spend more than 500 pesos (not including the entrance) when I party, but I guess Baguio was different - no one would know me if I did something stupid so we drank and danced (may kasama pang jump at pagsipa!) the night away. We also met a group of friendly students from UP Baguio, but unfortunately, we weren't able to exchange contact details. One of them even studied high school in Makati!;)

Amidst the inconsistent DJ, slow bar tenders and pa-hard to get crowd, my friends and I still had a great time! Be sure to check Nevada Square when you visit the city of pines! And in fairness, they have Bed there! ehem!

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