Jun 9, 2011

Fresher Image for Brighter Opportunities




I call it giving back to my alma mater, and no, it's not for Ateneo. I'm A Bosco is the "official" merchandise of Don Bosco schools and I'm now their Creative Director! Woohoo! It's a job that I'd do for free because I love making beautiful things and it's one of those channels (making ads) that allow me to exercise and stretch my creativity.

They'll be going international - selling shirts in the Europe and Americas so I thought their ads should soar to international levels. It's like America's Next Top Model getting Andrea Leon Talley as one of their panels. Haha! I also thought that new competitors are on their way selling shirts with the same concept so they had to step it up.

I want to capture the legit Don Bosco vibe - youthful and Italian - which explains the long haired guy, Kevin Roxas. (Take note, he's the Valedictorian for batch 2010!) I asked him to go barefoot in the first set because the boots I brought were too small for him. (hello, size 11 feet!) Among the sets I did, the barefoot shot was my favorite! It looked so natural. That's how you turn wardrobe malfunction into magic;)

Watch out for the next shoot specifically targeted for the international market. It'll be edgier!

By the way, all the clothes (minus the shirts, of course) that were used in this shoot were from my wardrobe. Haha!

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