Jul 5, 2011

I Miss College!!!

Please take me back to school!

Me: I want to go back to college, La Salle naman!
Dad: As long as you're going to take up Civil Engineering
Me: Do you want me to die? (walk out)

This photo was taken during Anne's despedida. I can't believe how much I miss my blockmates. I think more than half of them are already working.

That night didn't end well, ideally. To say the least, we were jerks (this photo is a big disguise to what really happened). So I sincerely (and humbly) apologize to Anne. Sorry.

Hope to see you soon! Probably by December!:)

On a brighter note, I saw this photo on my facebook wall recently. It's the new batch of officers of my org back in college.

Compare it with our batch:

Things that I've noticed with the new Executive Board:
1) Most of them are girls (we had equal number of boys and girls then)
2) No one is a stuck up. Can't stress this enough!
3) Everybody seems so friendly:D
4) Two of them came from my department - Raynard (VP Finance), Gracie (AVP Externals, future President, haha!) Weird because my department was Communication:|
5) The one who replaced me is a former intern for Preview!!! Woohoo!
6) The two other EB members that are not in that photo pala are boys.
7) The 2 EVPs (External and Internal) have been VPs since they were 2nd year!
8) They can't have a better president right now than Mon - a real visionary!;)

I hope we can have dinner again or something!:D I wanna hear some updates! Haha!

photo by Anne Laxa, Jarvin Villaflor

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