Aug 11, 2010

Shattering State: Ateneo Art Awards 2010

The exhibit in Shangri-La Plaza runs from August 6 to 16, it will be then transferred to the Ateneo Art Gallery and will be there until October.

The jury made sure that every piece would stick with the theme. I was blown away by the intensity of the images used and how creatively they are executed.

There's something in surrealism that attracts you and then you become adverse to it. Reminds me of a philosophical/theological concept - mysterium tremendum et fascinosum.

I like this collection much. Nagpapakita ng talaban ng liwanag at dilim, sibilisasyon at kalikasan. There's so many ironies here.

Sagad sa buto ang problema ng bayan.

Very powerful images. Dark!

The grass here is made of plastic. It explores the secret garden they've built in the Bilibid Prison - fully of life in a place where the only thing they may have is hope. Completely opposite the next pictures.

Visit the exhibit! It does stimulate your senses. In Jon Sobrino's words - conscientization - it has that ability to take you beyond the facade of society and really explore what lies beneath all our assumptions.

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