Aug 7, 2010

Manila Design Week Opens With Graphika

I thought it would feel like Fashion Week all over again, but I guess people were more liberal or even insensitive of what they're wearing. I'm a student of art and beauty so I can say that I enjoyed both events:D Here's the kickoff event for this year's Manila Design Week!

Their rather minimalistic set composed of several boxes stacked together with their logos on it:

I was seated at the second row so I had a good view

I heard that Graphika had around 2000 attendees this year!:D

This is really a very interesting "photo wall" because it's composed of 13,500 lollipops!

You heard that right! Edible lollipops. We weren't allowed to get one during the event but it's available for consumption later at The Collective - Tara McPhereson's after party.

They have loads of sponsors:

aren't these the cutest accessories? (especially the watches)

Some even gave away cool prizes

like DC (very colorful leggings and shoes!!!)


and omg, they gave away an iPad!!!

Now for the speakers...

Well, I won't be able to give a detailed report on each one of them so here are some of the highlights:

Phunk Studio having a photo opt with this hot girl in this very chic earrings - it's made of golden gears!

Dick Head (literally) kissing a naked woman (pero may condom naman): a clip from Rocketsheep Post's upcoming movie Saving Sally. This one's very disturbing! haha!

More pictures from Mr. Dick Head

They're working on their film (since 2004[?]) and here are some of the backgrounds they used - infusion of real world and their dayamation + jejeffects (products of thrid world technology)

Not bad right?

Tara McPhereson really has some strong feminist point of view!

I wonder where she gets her inspirations...

There's also Danny Yout

who made the opening and ending credits of Sherlock Holmes, Six Feet Under (which earned him an Emmy)...

The Colony, House of Wax, Book of Eli... to name a few... and...

THE COOL GRAPHIC EFFECTS FROM IRON MAN 2!!! Sorry, but I'm just amazed by this guy's talent.

That's all for now.

The event ended around 5:30 and I got wet by the rain so now, I'm in my bed, sick again. Watch out for more events this week for the Manila Design Week!

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