Aug 18, 2010

Littering, Loitering and Wrestling in the Green Film Festival

I think it was last year when Greenpeace invited me to a screening of their film The Age of Stupid at Glorietta. There were cocktails before the start of the screening, foreigners in their long sleeves and coat flocked the event - even Tim Yap was there wearing an all white outfit with an emerald green coat to interview people after.

I got invited because at that time, we were looking for a material to present to some private and public schools in Mandaluyong and they recommended us to watch the film. If it passes our "taste", they can show the film to the schools free of charge. Unfortunately, the film was not for our target audience so we had to look for a new one (which we found eventually)

This year, I went to SM's Green Film Festival to kinda judge the material they are showing and recommend it to some public schools.

Instead of professional looking dignitaries, I watched the film with some public school elementary students - and it was chaos beyond imagination!!!

The kids were running all over the place. Outside the cinema, they were chasing one another. Inside the cinema, when the lights are dark and while the movie is already starting, they are still chasing one another up and down the stairs, in front of people.

There was even this mother who, after her son finished a Zesto drink, just threw it on the floor. Hello!?! This is an event dedicated to the environment! (That's the culprit with the moss green shirt and a sling bag)

Below is a photo of a girl being wrested by a girl and a guy - sounds like a love triangle. Maybe they don't realize that they are in a mall and people are actually looking at them. They still didn't stop after I took some pictures.

After the event, I am kinda amazed at the patience of these public school teachers and their resistance to the temptation of murdering each one of these midgets.

And if you are planning to go to the event, forget it:| The material was informative, (especially the 11th Hour which I happened to watch when it was still in cinemas) but the crowd was really unbearable. You are sure to be stuck with noisy students because SM targets them to watch this film fest as a way to promote the environment.

Kudos to SM though. They were the same company that brought Al Gore here in the Philippines (where i paid 5,000 pesos and fell asleep during his talk:|) Good job for blazing the trail towards a greener and brighter future:D

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