Dec 29, 2009

New Year's Resolution

I'm sticking to only four resolutions this year - targeting my heart, body, mind and soul. Why? Because people tend to forget their resolutions if they have too many. (Got this pattern from Sean Covey's book)

1) Smile and Laugh more. (HEART)

Believe it or not, I'm a very shy person so I usually don't have the initiative to greet people when they pass me along the corridors. Yes, i'm a bit of a snob. And when they do greet me, I just return with a weak half meant smile - that doesn't look like a smile at all.

And is it just me or does laughing require much effort to do? I need to laugh naturally.

2) Avoid Rice and eat more Fruits (BODY)

Here's to a healthier 2010! I'm taking healthy eating and weight loosing to a whole new level this year. I need to get back to my 110lbs weight. Emphasis on the NEED. That's all.

3) Finish at least one book every month (MIND)

Who reads leads. Reading is to the mind as aerobics is to the body. People often take for granted the benefits of reading because they have so much work to do or that reading isn't as instant as "downloading/installing" knowledge to your brain. People whom i know reads often can articulate themselves more and they are more sensible to talk to, so try to dust off your book shelves this 2010 and fill up those empty minds.

4) Travel more (SOUL)

Not only locally but also at least three countries around Asia this year. I'm planning to go whale watching with my friends after this hellish semester (really looking forward to this one), have a pool party birthday in Tagaytay and hopefully visit my mom or dad's provinces.

I'm also with this organization where we'd be visiting ecovillages around Asia - try to observe and learn their lifestyles and bring them here in the country. So I'm expecting a lot of travels and hopefully I can meet new friends on the way.

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