Dec 21, 2009

Navi 2010

I have had the good fortune of being able to travel a great deal in my lifetime. One of the most common things I am asked when people learn about this is: "Among all the places you've visited, which one is your favorite?"

That is, for me, a difficult, maybe even impossible question to answer, because I am drawn to each place for a different reason. I have found that in any place, anywhere, no matter how near or far from where I am from, I will be able to find something that speaks to me on a unique and personal level.

The trick is getting into that state of mind where you are open to any experience that may present itself. Children have this method down pat, for them everything is new, and for them nothing else exists but the present. Every moment for them is a medley of sensations.

I like watching children run. There is something extraordinary about the abandon with which they throw themselves into it; their legs churn, their arms flail, their eyes shine, reveling in the sensation of half flying, half falling. I tell myself, this is how you should travel - enjoying everything: the heights of wonder, the missteps that challenge you, but always, always be in that moment you currently inhabit.

I realize that if every place has, at its core, something singular and specific to itself, it must be true that every person is uniquely the product of that place that he calls home. And every place I have been has added to my understanding of others, has deepened my appreciation of myself and where I have come from. How good it feels to be home, for here is always where I return.

I write about my travels as an attempt to recapture those moments, so that I might, as a child, cup them briefly in my hands like fireflies - my own stories of wonder, triumph, and humility - before releasing them, pieces of moonlight to guide me onwards as I navigate through life.

I was torn between getting this Van Gogh planner, this Italian Sapien (which I don't understand) planner and the Navi 2010 planner. Good thing I chose the last option. I am expecting a lot of travels around Asia this 2010.

5% of the proceeds will go to MioFightsCancer ( I'm really big on these products with social benefits.

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