Dec 25, 2009

What Will You Do If You Weren't Afraid?

101 Steps for 2010! I am making this a very meaningful year!

1) Vote
2) Go on a date
3) Whale watching with college friends at CamSur
4) Do volunteer work for a charity foundation
5) Exercise 3-5 times per week
6) Wake up earlier than usual
7) Watch at least two musicals
8) Beat a video game
9) Get my driving license by January
10) Travel to at least three countries
11) Experience "hanging" on a heavy traffic
12) Watch a movie by myself
13) Cry in a movie
14) Learn a different language
15) Have breakfast in bed
16) Donate blood
17) Bake for a relative / friend
18) Make a list of things that make me happy
19) Visit at least 10 museums
20) Lose 10 pounds
21) Reconnect with a childhood friend
22) Become more organized
23) Swap books with a friend
24) Go on a road trip
25) Have a firefly themed party at Tagaytay
26) Ride an elephant
27) Recommend a restaurant to a friend
28) Read at least one book a month
29) Go on a spiritual retreat
30) Pay the car behind me at the toll booth
31) Travel abroad without any family member
32) Eat something exotic
33) Get lost with friends
34) Learn to meditate
35) Experience weightlessness
36) Go whitewater rafting
37) Swim at midnight
38) Redecorate my room
39) Get my art published in our school magazine
40) Be a motivational speaker
41) Have my palm read
42) Watch a foreign film
43) Go for an early morning jog
44) Catch a firefly
45) Have a beach bonfire
46) Adopt a pet
47) Paint using oil on canvass
48) Collect more art books
49) Cram a major paper
50) Sleep overnight in a friend's house
51) Play a board game at Starbucks
52) Meet new friends in other countries
53) Plan a high school class reunion
54) Make at least one short film
55) Keep a secret secret
56) Puke in public
57) Attend a wedding
58) Have an overnight pool birthday party
59) Shop from 9am til 12midnight
60) Watch a complete tv series
61) Go Visita Iglesia with cousins
62) Prepare for our 10th year friendship anniversary:P
63) Go to Philippine Fashion Week
64) Write a poem
65) Be a good example to my lil' sister
66) Get at least two A's
67) Visit a rainforest
68) Edit my closet
69) Help build a house with charity
70) Interview someone important
71) Go spelunking
72) Buy something very expensive
73) Treat a beggar to lunch /breakfast
74) Build a sand castle
75) Watch the sunset on a hilltop
76) Send letters via snail mail
77) Visit a cemetery
78) Join a tree planting activity
79) Live for a weekend on an EcoVillage
80) Attend an international youth conference outside the country
81) Do not sleep for at least 24 hours
82) Say "I love you" to my dad
83) Ride a canoe
84) Reconnect with a high school teacher
85) Take a minor in International Business
86) Go to a water spa
87) Karaoke with friends
88) Go to the mall in a wheelchair
89) Wear my cascading necklace and fur hat to school
90) Smoke and quit smoke
91) Get a massage
92) Rent a butterfly costume or something similar for the yearbook photo
93) Sleep under the stars
94) Save at least P10,000 from my own allowance
95) Fly a kite with my newphew
96) Have the car re-tinted
97) Paint at least 12 paintings
98) Donate at least 10 jackets to charity
99) Become the Comm VP of Harvard Project for Asian International Relations
100) Start writing a book
101) Make 101 steps for 2011

I'll print this and hang it in my cork board.

Every time I accomplish something, I'll cross it out.

I hope I can do at least 80% of the stuff here.

Make your own 101 steps for 2010! It would make your year more memorable:P

Happy Holidays everyone!

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