Sep 16, 2012


I noticed that one of my friends kept posting thank you messages on her status. I guess it attracts good vibes since whenever she replies to my messages, it's always filled with emoticons:))) and exclamation points!!! So since this day was really beautiful, despite the heavy rains, allow me to share what happened today and something which I'm really thankful of.

After waking up with a headache since I was with my high school friends last night, I went straight to Ateneo. My mom accompanied my sister to take the Ateneo College Entrance Test and she was waiting for me in the high school cafeteria to talk of some business strategies.

I know right? It's Sunday morning for goodness' sake. I asked her to drop it and reserve the talk for lunch. So we walked around under the soft drizzle while enjoying the forest like landscape. We then found ourselves in the Church of Gesu. Although I don't usually go to mass, I was dragged into one of the pews, sat down and experienced hieropaniya. 

The mass presider was Fr. Ben Nebres - president of Ateneo for 18 years! Don't worry, I won't talk about his homily, I was just starstruck at how silver his hair has grown. Anyway, I was spacing out again during the readings. Then I suddenly realized how important this day is to my sister. If she passed that ACET, her life will be forever changed. I'm not trying to be cheesy here.

I wasn't the best student in high school, a tad bit irresponsible. But in college, because I saw other people always striving for - Magis, more / doing your best so that others can become their best - I was "forced" out of my comfort zone and really live! I guess we learn more from how we communicate with other people than in the classrooms. (Maybe that's the reason why they love giving oral exams for Philo and Theo).

I was thankful that I passed ACET more than 5 years ago. The experience, to simply put it, really changed my perspective and goals. I just hope my sister, although admittedly not the brightest, will also be given the chance.

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