Sep 23, 2012

Do Epic Shit

Spent the last 24 hours in Tagaytay with 12 programmers who are voluntarily using their skills to benefit individuals and groups with advocacies. These are people burning with the desire to change the world for the better through what they can do best. They equip NGOs with the necessary IT solutions for increased efficiency and organization. Who says that only big companies need databases and computer system shizz?

The general assembly was held in the country club where our family usually goes to escape the city. Below is the view from my favorite spot where I often read a book.

I learned that most of them joined Magis Solutions because of the emptiness of their busy corporate jobs. Ironic if you think about it. Maybe it's because of the disconnection felt with what one is born for against what the routine high paying job offers. There's this void temporarily filled by paper works, shallow office mates and bossy bosses.

What's stopping you from experiencing the life you were born to live? What will you do if you were not afraid?

I'd do some epic shit, as Nikki tweeted earlier. I'd stop going to my work in the bank (contracts and bonds be damned) and do what I love to do - build my online publishing group and help Magis Solutions succeed with there projects. I'd shoot the most memorable ads for I'mAB and Hundred Saints. I'd promote more the talents we've featured in Manila Kid, and channel these talented people to where their gifts are needed most. I'd travel to another country and really immerse in culture, not just as a tourist. I'll probably even find a lover, elope and never look back. That kind of epic shit! #yolo

It doesn't always need to have "towards nation building" in it. It will come, but don't force yourself into that realization, else it won't be sustainable. If you were born a video game player, play DoTA with all your might and concentration. Eventually, the passion will gush forth and you might save a drug addict or a suicidal girl because you taught them DoTA.

I was very passionate on knowing/listening to the stories of other people. Gossip. Chismis. That passion gushed forth and without it, won't be here.

"One day you will wake up and there won't be any more time to do the things you've always wanted. Do it now." - Paolo Coelho. Dare to move!

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