Apr 17, 2012

Holy Week, Birthday, Pre-Nups, Luneta and... ACCOUNTING!

Post dump! Haven't really blogged for the longest time. Yes there were posts but I felt they are a bit impersonal. So allow me to engage you in a litany of experiences which dates back to Holy Week.

This was where I spent my Holy Week - in 7eleven stores from far flung locales. It's my comfort place, a cool and clean oasis amidst the hot urban jungle outside its glass wall. If I was not inside our hotel room trying to edit articles from our online magazine, I was in the convenient store. And yes, that's convenience with a capital C.

Of course, my mom did not let this season pass without forcing us to attend some Catholic services like going to mass and joining her in a procession with some village folks. I would be a hypocrite if I say that I enjoyed this penitence (well, you're not really supposed to enjoy it anyways). People weren't really sincere with the procession. It's just an event where people who want to see and be seen are present.

We passed by my lola's property which I plan to convert into a bamboo farm. I'm just having a difficulty with the capital and man power since I couldn't be the one planting the bamboo seedlings, for obvious reasons. The transportation is also a bit difficult - you either go there by foot or through this gas powered micro train. 

The place was very barrio looking and far from "civilization." So you can't believe how struck I was when I saw this kid wearing our high school PE uniform! We have this in different colors, but I can't remember having a light blue like the kid was wearing. I'm quite curious how it got there.

And this was where I spent my birthday! Last year, I celebrated it in Boracay so I was relieved that the beach where we went to is almost isolated (except for a few crabs and starfishes). Too bad I was in a ballistic mood  that time (must be the weather) so I didn't stay long and asked to be sent home to my hotel room.

Several days ago, I had our first prenuptial shoot with my brother. He's the photographer and I'm the one instructing the couples. We shot it in this park near Quezon City circle. The couples weren't that romantic at first but they warmed up eventually. Like hello, you are about to be married a month from now?

Lastly, just this Sunday, we had to meet some relatives who just arrived from the US. And of all the places where we had to a meet up, they chose Luneta! Kung sinu-sino ang tao dun! My sister called these people "commoners." I was really hesitant, but was surprised when I arrived there. They had these cool fountains and fire breathing things on the surface of a tiny pond. The show reminded me of pyromusicals, except that they're using water instead of fire power.

So basically that's my life for the past few days.

Oh! Regarding the finance and accounting classes I'm currently taking: Well, I'm struggling to get a point in every quiz (which we have every day). It's been giving me nightmares, like literally. Last night, I had a dream about zombies trying to chase after me! Come to think of it, my dream was very metaphorical since I buried accounting six feet under back in college and it's slowly resurfacing back from the grave, ready to devour my brain.

Also, when I got the some of the scores from our previous quizzes, I felt so depressed. It's as if I hadn't taken the quiz at all. I shouldn't be surprised because even though I had tutors back in college, I always got a grade of D or C. I just hope that I can last until the last day of May in this class!

PS: I took all the photos with my tablet. My SLR is still alive, I just find my tablet more handy to carry around:)

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