Apr 21, 2012

All Over the Place

Ever since we started having these classes in Greenhills, I became more productive and connected with my friends. Maybe it's more accessible, my house is nearer and there are more places to eat there compared to Binondo. I feel more at home there. And because of that, my schedule was all over the place. 

Last week, our Soya Ice team met again for a little get together in a restaurant that has a "Kangaroo" in its name. I can't say we missed each other very much since Olivia, Joanne and I belong to one class these days. Lyndon has been reaping cash in IBM, Isaac has just transferred into the life insurance department of Pioneer, Rachel is busy running their fabric and real estate business while Tom is not in the picture below because he's stuck in the office doing the finances of Alphaland. 

Everything turned out well for the seven of us. What made me more glad was that we still believe in our brand and we hope that we can bring it back in the market. Whenever we taste milk teas from let's say Gong Cha or Chatime, we'd often say "Mas masarap pa Soya Ice dito." Why not get back on track now? Because we still don't have the dedication and focus. We still have a lot to learn, but we'll get there eventually.

Just yesterday, I had a meeting with James and Mike in Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf to concretize more our plans for I'mAB next school year. We are planning our production with three schools taken into consideration. Before we only considered selling in Mandaluyong, but since people are getting more aware, we opened in Makati last year. Now, we are adding another location - either in Laguna, Pampanga or Tarlac. Since I'm the one responsible for marketing, I'll try to contact Pampanga for a deal, and our distributor in Makati because we still haven't collected from them.

We went to Bannapple after for dinner. A concern that keeps on popping is the major perception of our market to us. They think that we're just a profit hungry business. That can't be farther from the truth. If you know James, Mike and I better, you'd know that profit isn't our top priority. I personally prioritize the image that we generate through our products. And because of that, I'm planning to make our ads more dynamic and reflective of what we stand for.

Okay, so what happened earlier? My classmates and I went to Cafe Monnaco for lunch which is just in front of Ash Creek. I have to warn you, their service is very slow, but the food tasted good. I especially love the view there. 

One of our topics earlier included their different experiences during immersion in college (since most of the people I was with earlier are Ateneans). They say that immersions are very life changing. Since I went to an international design conference during the time I was supposed to stay with some fisherfolks in Bataan for 3 days, I kept wondering how different my life would be if I joined the immersion... 

I got a massage after answering a Herculean exercise for our class earlier. I then went to Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf to read. During that time, I realized a lot of things - which will be written in a separate blog because it's 1:03am and I'm a bit sleepy.

By the way, if you're wondering how the pre-nuptial photos look like? Well below is a preview! Both of them are involved in social causes - the girl an NGO focused on education while if I'm not mistaken, the guy works for Red Cross International. They weren't very maarte, but I wish that they have worn their on-the-day-itself-wedding outfit. 

By the way, I missed two brand launches this week!:( One from Smart and the other is from Forever 21. Though I'm glad that PR agencies are emailing us more once again!

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