Apr 14, 2012

Career and Purpose

I just came home from a night out with my best college buddies - Kevin, Dondie, Julius and a quick appearance of Jet - and most of the stuff we talked about was related to our work. There was a strong positive correlation with the amount of stuff we said with how happy we were at our offices, so basically, I didn't say much.:))

I wasn't really paying attention when the word "career" suddenly popped out of the conversation. So listened more intently because this was a subject that I haven't considered. To build a good career, you must love what you do and the atmosphere for growth (promotion) and support (salary) must be conducive. A worthwhile career is something a decent citizen would aspire. But I found something odd with associating the word career with my plan of world domination. Kidding!

As with the word office, employee and salary, I find the word career a bit stifling, no actually I find it mediocre. It's too selfish and traditional, or maybe I haven't really explored that word well. Kevin made me realize that with my personality, it's really difficult to find a field where I can fit because I have this tendency to be always right. I can't work with people well and I set the pace and direction. So it was just fit that I started Manila Kid.

I want to make a dent in the universe. So instead of the word career, I'm leaning towards the word purpose. It weighs and appeals more to me. When you talk about Shakespeare, Einstein, Da Vinci, Martin Luther King or Steve Jobs, you don't say that they had amazing careers. You talk about their works and contributions to mankind. We talk about how much they have influenced how we think. We learn and get inspired from their anecdotes. The world remembers them because they dared to be different, to move, to dream a little more - something which a mere "career" cannot capture.

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