Jan 28, 2012

Something About Relationships

I don't know how I came to realize this but if you're looking for the perfect partner, don't look for someone who has the same personality and shares the same interests as you do. It might work out in the beginning that you like the same music or movie but if you always agree on certain things, your relationship and you as a person won't grow. How?

If your partner is different from you, you'll see each others weaknesses and mistakes. You'll be taken out of your comfort zone and each one will try to "explore" one another's strengths or likes. That will not limit you from visiting the same restaurant or doing the same stupid things. 

But this entails sacrifice and humility from both sides. One can't always be a "fixer" of the other because that might signal some unforeseen problems in the long run. I personally hate fixers if they're overdoing it, but it's one of life's "unnecessary evils." If she keeps on telling you what to do, but she doesn't admit her own mistakes, then you might feel like the underdog, and this doesn't produce a healthy relationship.

Humility allows you to empty your cup - the pride that you know a lot of things - so that new interests and habits can enter.

Maybe that's the reason why men and women are made very differently. One exists so that he can complete her. And unless you're a very strong person who can achieve "self actualization" without the help of love hormones, you need to find a partner who can bring out the best in you.

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