Jan 1, 2012

2011 Wrap Up

In my last post, I collated memorable photos of the previous year but I realized it doesn't give justice to how amazing 2011 was for me. So here are some of the things I want to remember as I look back at 2011 maybe five to ten years from now.


College. I'll miss Ateneo very much - the people, the teachers and the beautiful landscape. I met some of my best friends there and experienced some of my most unforgettable memories with them. I didn't give my best in terms of academics since I wasn't really interested with the grades, but the learning and inspiration I got from Ateneo was enough to fuel my ambition to really be the best, so that others may be inspired to do their best - Magis!

HPAIR. This org allowed me to exercise my creativity and stretched it to its limits. The people I was working with are some of the best in their fields. I was especially proud of Gracie who I know will become a great president of this org soon, and Xea who was a big disappointment because he left HPAIR for ACTM (I kinda expected that), but still continue to reap awards from different marketing competitions. I hoped that he would replace me, but I guess he's more fit in ACTM.

Soya Ice. It was a struggle to spend our weekends trying to make money instead of just resting, but because of Joanne's passion to succeed, I guess our small college business venture lasted longer than other start-up projects. I'm not sure what will happen to Soya Ice in the next months, but I still hope that our team will regroup and come up with another ground breaking business venture!

I'mABosco. When I asked James and Mike to meet me last January, I wasn't sure why I wanted to talk with them. Maybe I just wanted to hear how they started and their plans for I'mAB. Little did I know then that I'll become a part of this image revolution project. I was really very fortunate that they allowed me to join I'mAB (and it came with an expensive investment!) Both of them are really talented and I can't wait what we'll come up with in the next months. Whatever it is, I'm sure it's going to be epic!

Work. "For the jobs that pay the rent!" I used to be there only because of the money. I needed it to sustain Manila Kid and save enough money to start a new business. What kept me there for the last three months were the people, especially Nichelle and Gillian. In terms of values, I learned patience and discipline. More importantly, it taught me the value of hard work, since I guess I've just been lucky all this time.

Manila Kid. Where do I start? Initially, we just wanted to sell shirts. I've got nothing to do after graduation since I still don't want to work, so I kept myself busy thinking of ways on how to give back. The vision is simple - to give our country a new image through the shirts that we make. I realized that the vision cannot just be realized through this so we utilized our strength - blogging - to give our product an edge. People got curious and wanted to help. We got interviewed in TV and radio, people started calling me Manila Kid (which is originally the blogging name of my brother) and it also gave us the opportunity to organize our own fashion show. Although the online magazine suffered two almost fatal blows, we just had to keep moving forward. With a new vision for 2012 - to spark a revolution against the death of passion and idealism in the youth today - Manila Kid will continue to challenge every individual to pursue their dreams, dare to move!


I really really want to get an award from CMMA, even just a nomination! It doesn't matter if it's because of our website or the two billboards we're going to make for Manila Kid and I'mABosco. They say awards are just the icing on the cake, but hey, a guy can dream right?

I want our book project to be halfway written.

More advertisers for ManilaKid.com! 

New business which I'll start with either my team from I'mAB or my mom.

Expand our market for I'mAB to Pampanga and Cebu (add Tarlac and Laguna if possible)

Moving into my new apartment which I'll get to design.

A girl that I can introduce to my friends not necessarily as my girlfriend, but as a special someone;)

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I like the last line hehe happy new year again neil!