Jan 29, 2012

Business as Usual

I'm currently writing a business proposal which a new business venture will use to pitch their ideas to potential investors.  The first draft will be presented tomorrow so looks like I'll be up all night again. I'm excited and nervous at the same time because I must make sure that these investors will buy the idea, which is very good by the way. We're talking about millions here!

I'm also very excited for Manila Kid. Earlier this morning, I met with JC and JM to suggest some revisions for the outline and format of our book. It will be more convenient for us and our readers this time. More importantly, we discussed the possibility of having to outsource the re-creation of our website. I'll be meeting with a group of programmers next Saturday to plan it out! They are very professional, Ayala is one of their clients!

We're also joining an entrepreneurial contest which is sponsored by Gawad Kalinga. Winning this would mean so much since we'll have an opportunity to pitch our ideas to angel investors. There's also that half a million cash prize to fund our idea! We have the best people working on our team and even though I'm their unofficial member (since this contest is for students), I wanna make sure that I will still give my hundred percent in this task.

My dad went to Quezon province last week to check on the land which we'll develop for my bamboo farm. The feasibility study is on its way and I'm interested on how much capital I need to invest in this one. Promised returns are after probably 5 years pa, but I'm definite it is a worthwhile investment (as predicted by experts). Aside from bamboos, my dad told me he's planning to plant chili around the area since the guy he hired owns a chili farm in Nueva Ecija.

Finally, I'mABosco has been soaring new heights for the past week! We tried to meet the astronomical demand for the jacket so we pushed our suppliers to really amplify their production. Unfortunately, we were still not able to give everyone the products they deserve. The schedule has been really tight like last Friday, I got the stocks at around 11pm and we had to deliver it at 6am the next day to Makati. 

The pictures below were shot in DB Makati hours before the official start of their school fair. I saw some really good merchandise which will be the source of inspiration for the next products of I'mABosco. More importantly, I met this kid whom I feel has really great potential. I have a good eye for talent and one of the guys below has the ability to move mountains! We'll see...

A lot of exiting things are already happening and it's just the start of 2012! I feel that this is going to be another year of breakthroughs and triumphs!

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