Jan 25, 2012

Of Face Paints, Beer-Soaked Shoes and SWAT Raided Parties

We left the house of Amanda without much clue on what's going to happen during Sinulog. I knew that there will be a parade of floats and street parties everywhere but I didn't expect it to be so wild! Last summer, we spent a night in Boracay where we visited around 7 bars! but that experience was nothing compared to the party in Cebu!

On the way to the main parade street, we passed by a crowd who were in our age level and it was surprising to see that a lot of them were familiar - from college! While we were smeared by paint in our faces, we also felt a shower of cold beer as we were walking. The music was intoxicating and it was impossible to not get into the party mood! Everyone was smiling, raising their hands, swaying, singing and dancing! The mood was so youthfully festive! I felt really alive!

There were people just giving vodka and tequila shots to passersby - especially to hot ladies. For a hundred pesos, you can have your instant beer pong!

Of course, will Sinulog be complete without the lechon just casually served along the streets?

My friends and I really had a great time! The people from high rise buildings were pouring colored water to the people partying below (that's us) Beer was being sprayed and showered everywhere that my clothes and shoes were literally soaked in beer! I'm very particular with the crowd and it's great that the people we partied with are the types you'd find in Republiq and Fiamma! 

Night time came and the party went louder. It was a bit dangerous though because there were piles of broken beer bottles just lying around the dancing area. The party was so wild it had to be stopped by the SWAT team! I'm not even kidding! We had to go home when we saw that men in black uniforms carrying riffles arrived. The party music was toned down and was replaced by sirens!

We were dead tired after everything! It's hard to imagine that we had a flight to catch in less than 4 hours. Now I have an additional reason why it's really more fun in the Philippines! Can't wait for Sinulog 2013!!!

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