Nov 26, 2011

Planners Through the Years

During our last year in high school, Starbucks opened in Shaw boulevard, making it the perfect hang out place instead of going all the way to Shangri-la or Rockwell. November came and Starbucks released their annual collect-this-number-of-stickers-and-get-a-planner promo, which was then followed by my classmates' obsession of frequenting the coffee shop to complete their sticker cards. I wasn't much of a coffee drinker then, so I got my planner around late December and from then on, I've been in search for the perfect planner every year (not necessarily Starbucks - too mainstream na.)

Perks of having a planner: you exactly know what you did at a certain point in time. So here are the things that I found in my 5 five planners (while sometimes turning the pages randomly).

Jan 26 - I did not sleep to finish our entry for Cine ni Juan.
March 17 - last high school quarterly exam (Algebra and Trigo)
July 26 - my first Ateneo La Salle game. final score: 80-77 (Ateneo won!) 
Aug 2 - Taichi midterms
Nov 5 - Back to school!

Feb 14 - Valentine's Day + Calculus LT
June 5 - ORSEM Day 1 (as facilitator)
Aug - first and last college field trip
Sept - French Oral exams
Dec 22 - high school reunion

Jan 2 - blogged about New Year's resolution
April 19 - visited my favorite high school teacher for her birthday
June 14 - back to school shopping
Sept 17 - accompanied a friend to his first modeling VTR
Oct 25 - Libera concert <3

Jan 8 - Skype meeting with a representative in England for my int'l environmental org
May 7 - officially shifted to Management Economics
July 29 - quiz on derivatives (wtf!)
Aug 20 - Julius and Kevin's party at Fiamma
Oct 25 - start of fashion week
Nov 20 - Blue Christmas

Jan 13 - get graduation photo
March 5 - Trilogy summer sale
April 5 - Bora <3
May 31 - visited Sir Don's wake
Aug 25 - FaDAL OS party at 7th High
Oct 3 - first day of work

Now that 2012 is here, I bought a new planner at Muji. It's always a challenge to find the perfect planner for the year (depending on my mood) and I think that this plain minimalist white planner (with very smooth paper) from a Japanese store will fit my Zen like disposition next year!

Cheers to 2012! (soon)

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