Oct 5, 2011

Bringing Honor to Your House

It's that time of year again when classes in our high school are suspended (for several days) to make way for the Intrams Opening! We were very much like Hogwarts, but with six houses where students are sorted according to their personalities, talents and skills. Each has its own house head and I happened to be one during my senior year.

You just can't help but beam with pride when you see your house (high school students from 1st to 4th year) cheering with their heart out, your dancers tirelessly rehearsing and your props men taking the work home just to get a giant lantern or the dragon costume done. Everyone felt very involved and proud because of their work, and those weeks of adversity really bonded the students belonging to that house regardless of which year you're from. In fact, it's more than a house - it's a home.

Above all things, I really treasure my relationships with people. I'm still good friends with the house heads from before and after our batch. In fact, two of my business partners came from the same house as I did but three batches lower than ours. One of them was even my dancer during our time! Haha! 

Speaking of pride, I'm really proud of this promo poster I did for I'mAB showing support for the Intrams Opening!:D Haha! Hundreds of people (some who are completely strangers to me) started using these "house badges" as their profile pictures. I feel touched. Haha!

I'd like to wish the high school students good luck and I hope they bring honor to whichever house they belong to! And one day, when we're all rich, I hope we can donate funds for the construction of common rooms for every house - like exactly the one in Hogwarts. It would be so cool!

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