Sep 5, 2010

Glitterati and Some Thoughts After Graduation

My brother and I got invited to the launching of Joanna Ladrido and Nina Estacio's clothing line - Glitterati - at Member's Only last Wednesday night.

You have to know that I just got back from being sick - bed ridden for a couple of days so it was an effort to actually stand up, drink Vodka and sway to the beat of the music.

Owners: Nina and Joanna

We saw a lot of fashion bloggers (though I don't consider myself to be one.) We knew some of them because of Fashion Week last season.

Some people recognized us because of our Chictopia blog so they were the ones who approached us first and started the conversation - which is kinda great since I'm naturally shy. Haha!

"Sorry, I just can't resist. I've been staring at your jacket since you walked in. Where did you buy it?" This was from a girl who approached me looking so excited. We talked together with her two other friends and it turned out that we all study in the same school! Small world!

I also met another school mate - we come from the same course but she graduated already. I asked her what she's doing right now: looking for a job? She told me that she'll be going to London next month to study in Instituto Maranggoni which is like the premier fashion school in the world! That's really great! Here you have people who are really pursuing their passion...

Which brings me to my personal dilemma on what to do after graduation...

I'm torn in either going for an advertising career, design/fashion career or something that has to do with creating social impact through the environment.

I have a job right now as a graphic artist for Reedley International School - I am the one designing their tarpaulins, posters... I didn't apply for the job or even sent resumes to companies. I was recommended because of the works I'm doing for my school organization! So I guess the universe is with me on this one.

I also have a position as a representative in an international youth organization for the environment. It's where I get to meet other people from other countries and discuss policies, strategies and even philosophies regarding sustainable development and just pure stuff about life. It's a good exposure since I also got to work with UNICEF on protecting children's rights. Again, this is not something that I desired, but you can say I was summoned to leadership. Long story, but I greatly enjoy it!

And then there's fashion, where my brother and I are enjoying so much - as a "part time hobby." We love fashion, and I guess it loves us back as well. It's where we get to show our individuality and express.

So basically, I'm torn with either going to a design school, advertising career or taking a masters degree in some environmental management course. I'll be giving myself until February for this decision and I hope the cosmos will guide me in the right direction - give me some omens please!:D

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Joanna Ladrido said...

Thanks for coming and for supporting us in the event! It was nice to see fierce bloggers that night! Love from Glitterati! xx

JL Ladrido