Sep 18, 2010

Book Heaven

Went to SMX for the Manila International Book Fair to purchase some advertising books but they are all expensive!

Everything is at least 2,000 so I only got one - the Benetton Campaigns, which has mind blowing ads on extreme racism, offensive body parts, weird human-animal interactions... (i'll dedicate a separate blog for that)

Here are some of the stalls. I recommend going to the foreign languages area and Anvil's for rare Filipiniana books.

It was jam packed. People are everywhere doing their own thing! I actually saw a lot of school mates and some friends. Horay for book lovers!

Price range: 10 peso Children's book

to 8,500 Fashion books. Why are art books so expensive?! Can you believe that this thin book is that expensive?

And I can't believe they are still selling encyclopedias. I hope they'd just donate it to public schools since no one would buy it - there's the internet and online encyclopedias. (But I really like the design for this set)

I'm a fan of John Maxwell and it was great that all his boos (together with other leadership and self-help books) are 20% off.

I even saw Dr. Vilches, the Dean of the School of Humanities in our university. I always see her in school very poised so its "refreshing" to see her kneeling to reach a book.

This is the second time I saw her in SMX, the first one was during the Al Gore Conference.

Speaking of Al Gore, I wish I could purchase all the environment-related books (although I bought a few)

Tip: There's this corner in the National Bookstore part where the whole shelf is filled with ecological books.

Other books that I saw interesting:

Angels and Jejemons. Need I say more?

My brother and I are ready to steal this books but its too heavy!

Magis edited by Queena Lee-Chua. Great insights from Ateneo professors on faith, joy and love.

I did not buy this book, but we had their foundation sponsor a talk for our org in our school. The Ramon Magsaysay Awards foundation is the Asian equivalent of the Nobel Prize.

I was so excited to purchase Thomas Friedman's book - makes me look intelligent. But I swear, this book is a must have for those who'd want to converse meaningfully in this age.

After I've paid all books and my cash is almost zero, I saw this book priced at Php750 and I almost cried because finally, there's this all encompassing book about the environment, justice, hunger, poverty, trafficking, education... and I don't have money to pay for it:|

I'm planning to return tomorrow with my mom (so she can pay for this book) and will probably do some Christmas shopping, because of the very good bargains.

Vanity shots of my brother and I before leaving SMX.

Goodbye SMX, we'll be seeing you next month for the fashion week;)

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