Nov 23, 2009

It Isn't United Nations, But At Least I'm Getting There

Dondie: If you were to talk in front of the United Nations, what will you wear?

Me: Aren't you more interested in what i'll say?

Dondie: Haha! No.

Me: Well if i had the money, i'll call Joey Samson/ Ivarluski Aseron and ask him to collaborate with Ang Kiukok for a neutral coat inspired by the Vintas of Davao. My shoes will be designed by my friend Will Valeriano which will look like a modern bandaged mummy feet.


It might not be United Nations, but this is it! cross your fingers and toes...

I'm happy to announce that before the year ends, i'll be going to a distant country known for its shopping district (yey!) to participate in a 3-day international youth convention/conference. I'll not give the exact details until december 8 because baka ma-jynx. haha!

But do pray that the funds will be enough to cover my clothes expenses (chos!) and that my Finance102 long exam won't take place in the same day (sigh!).

This is one step closer to achieving an ecologically sustainable development for the country. The proects have started in (as far as i know) in Nueva Ecija (w/c i'll visit on dec 8), Boracay... and i hope villages in Manila and Cebu would adapt to the practices soon.

As of the moment, i'm trying to work out with my two 2lbs dumbells so that i would look fierce and fabulous there:P wish me luck!

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