Nov 14, 2009

Fashion Will Save Humanity

It's a curious thing to see how people try to express their individuality when institutions impose a chain in the neck set of rules for dressing up.

We are humans and as creations who are free, we do not mindlessly follow a set of rules that limit us to what we wear. We are not robots programmed to grab the same set and design of clothes everyday, so the best way we can cope up with this INHUMANITY is to accessorize and customize the clothes. (i think my blue-yellow-and-white-haired philosophy teacher will agree with this)

Back in high school (below), uniform was mandatory so in order to keep my sanity put, i tried to accessorize - putting different jackets/blazers everyday, wearing bracelets and necklaces, spraying different perfumes/colognes and trying to stand out among the rest with the way I talk and walk.

I went to University of Santo Tomas with my brother last month during their enrolment and I was wearing something that made people look and stare, and i got the reaction i was looking for:))

It was actually overwhelming for someone like me who advocates freedom and beauty to see so much students with the same outfit all at the same time!!! AND IN A UNIVERSITY!!! What will the Greeks think of this!?!

But amids the tragedy, girls were pulling their skirts up, people were wearing different designs of jackets, shoes, bags and even socks which i think reflects their personality, even their hairstyles are different.

Somewhere in that ugly white uniform ay isang kaluluwang gustong kumawala, ipagsigawang tao rin siyang may karapatang pumili at manamit ng maganda, nagkukumawalang ilabas kung ano siya to stand out above the rest. And i feel these people, ramdam ko sila, especially the ones who are at school of fine arts and design.

So i think when 2012 comes, and people are animalistically trying to scavenge the last remaining resources and when people start eating each other, let's not forget to dress up and look fabulous.

I think dressing up is the corner stone of our humanity. Historically, people were considered civilized with the way we dressed. After gaining knowledge, Adam and Eve found out that they were naked so they clothed themselves - i wouldn't be surprised if Eve tried making lingerie or gowns out of banana leaves. There's more basis for this claim and i hope you see light in what i'm suggesting.

Fashion will save humanity!

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