Nov 15, 2009

Driver's One Big Mistake

The nerve of this Filipino taxi driver causing mega commotion inside an international airport!

I love staying at airports because they have different energy. There's always something interesting to look at - either couples whom you know won't be seeing each other for such a long time (because of the way they french kiss!) up to families who are reunited because their dad has finally returned.

But here's something you don't see everyday:

We went to the Centennial Airport tonight because my aunt, uncle and cousin are going to the US to visit their nephew who's celebrating his 4th birthday. And as i was about to step my red hot Paul Smith shoes outside the car, people were screaming and the guards were chasing something.

At first i thought a waterbuffalo was running wild around the airport but I got to my (common) senses when a man was running and screaming "yung bag ko! yung bag ko!"

Based from what I heard, this guy went out of the taxi (with his hand carry) to get his bigger bag at the back when the driver sped away thinking he could pass the dozens of guards waiting for him below!

The nerve diba! He's going to commit one big kahihiyan in front of those foreigners! What will they think of the country!?!

And I thought Manny Pacquiao victory day was crime free day. Sigh!

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