Nov 29, 2009

Is Manila Still a Fab City?

My brother and I decided to go for a tour around the walled city of Intramuros for some artistic inspiration yesterday.

We got lost because most of the buildings look the same (Spanish architecture) and people/students were everywhere so I kinda got dizzy seeing so much of them. Yes, i’m allergic to people and students in uniform.

My brother was thankful he was wearing running shoes coz he ran round the walled city like a lost cat in Ray Ban’s, while i had to struggle with my Paul Smith floral embroidered high cuts while strutting along the cobbled stone streets.

We arrived at our target destination – San Agustin Museum – where it houses religious relics of the 300 year Spanish occupation and luckily, we saw Carlos Celdran (best tour guide ever) so we joined the tour. And I got loads of insights from him!

Yes, the museum tour was interesting but the part where we enjoyed most was when we were walking along Muralla street and students from the universities were staring at us while the wind is sweeping our hair and the sun shines on our noses! haha!

I posted a similar entry in one of my other blog sites and there are two comments which I want to share with you loyal readers:

1) you are so lucky to be surrounded by stuff like in Miami i'm just surrounded by the shoes!!

2)Why don't I see all these fabulously dressed Manila men when I'm there....I love the details on the shoes! And the t-shirt is great, feeling Stephen Sprouse for LV there a little...:D (this one's from an Australian)

I realized that we are so lucky to be located in a place where there is so much diversity in culture and environment.

Here in the Manila, we have the Manila Bay, Quiapo, Intramuros, Chinatown and Malate! haha! so it's just surprising to hear comments that detests and loathes this fabulous city.

Yes, amidst the poverty, Manila is still fabulous! The city's heart beats with so much energy and vibrancy and I feel it has so much potential.

So i hope a new Imelda will rise up and defend Manila's culture and arts!

So let's vote LOREN LEGARDA for Vice President!!! haha!

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