Aug 31, 2009

White Rose Day

Nor mouth had, no nor mind, expressed

What heart heard of, ghost guessed ...

It is the plight we were born for. It is ourselves we mourn for. While we Filipinos consider tomorrow as an official no-work/class day because of National Heroes' Day, people in the West, specifically Britain, are commemorating the death of their beloved Princess of Wales - Diana.
I wonder what it's like for the two princes to loose a mother as beloved and as venerated as Diana. I'm finding it difficult to empathize with them because I never lost someone really close to me, except my lola whom I only see one week every year. (She passed when I was 16)

But I have a close friend, that i'll not mention his name because of privacy reasons, who lost his mother when he was still around ten. The worst came when his father left them (3 siblings) to join a new family in Mindanao. I admire his courage and strength. What would you do if that happened to your family?

Diana's story is a sad fairy tale. I think it exemplifies how we are created (and destroyed) equally. After twelve years, has the "murder case" been actually solved? Has justice been truly served? Has truth been exposed?

When I finally pursue my career in international (political/business) relations, she'll serve as my inspiration for her sense of compassion, style and charismatic approach towards social issues.
I'll try to look for a framed photograph of her tomorrow and place it beside my framed photo (see the blog header picture above)

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