Mar 21, 2013


Back in fourth year high school, I gave all my 40 classmates retreat letters. My teacher thought I was handing out invitations for my debut because each were finished in some artsy yellow envelope sealed with a purple ribbon.

So when a friend asked me to mail him a postcard, I got excited! He recently started collecting postcards from the different parts of the globe. Since I didn't have a teaching schedule today, I decided to go to the post office in the city center and figure out how this is done.

A short handwritten letter feels more special than a long electronic maybe because more time and effort are dedicated in crafting them. I guess it feels more human that's why the message becomes more sincere. 

In the end, I had so much fun writing in a postcard and licking a stamp that I went back to the souvenir shop to buy more! So if you guys want to receive postcards from Saigon (or maybe from Siem Reap or Bangkok), send me an email or a PM so that I can prepare one!

I already have a dozen of requests that my stamp ran out. Will try to go to the post office again during the weekend! Hope my postcard reaches you!

PS: When you receive it, kindly take a photo of the postcard back to back and post it on my wall:D

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