Mar 24, 2013

English: The Big Deal

I admire the Vietnamese because of their dedication to learn English; it can sometimes turn into a passion. Maybe in the Philippines, learning the language is taken for granted because we've had it ever since our moms told our nannies to talk to us in English, no matter how barok they may sound. Or we know it cause we watch Dexter's Lab or Sesame Street before we go to school back in nursery.

English for them is a big deal that you can find English clubs in different parts of the city. For example, in the condominium compound where I am staying, there are two English centers. Earlier, we visited an English club conducted by an Australian. Well, I got bored since most of the discussions revolved around things we've already mastered in elementary so I just waited outside sipping coffee and reading a philosophy book on traveling. (More on that later.)

Magpapahuli ba ang mga Pilipino? A Filipino family organized an English club in the building next to us. But there's a twist. They use the word of God and stories with values to teach people English. I like that they also use songs in their lecture. 

It's great to have kapit bahays who have the same background as yours. That can be very handy in a foreign place since their presence remind me of where I come from. Maybe that's the reason why even though I already know what they'll teach, I look forward to going to their house as often as I can. It makes me more at home.

So aside from interacting with teacher Remil's family, I was able to meet lots of Vietnamese friends. They even got my number and are trying to add me in Facebook, haha! Benta ako sa kanila. Well I'm looking forward to making closer friends soon and helping them appreciate English.

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