Dec 6, 2012

What If Money Were No Object?

"What would you like to do if money were no object. How would you really enjoy spending your life?"

I was watching a video shared by a friend over facebook that sparked the questions above. It's narrated by a professor who gets questions from college students who don't know yet what to do with their life after graduation. The easiest answer might be to get a "job" (corporate I suppose), but is that what you really desire if money were not involved? What is your passion?

"Better have a short life that is full with what you like doing, than a long life spent in a miserable way."

My dad would probably say that he wants to be a bonsai farmer after 30 years of being a civil engineer. I had a meditation teacher who quit a high paying job at the age of 50 to pursue meditation and yoga. Thanks to instagram, most people will probably aspire to be photographers. I myself can't give a straight answer since I want to do so much.

I shared the video with my friends in the bank several days ago and they had mixed reactions. Most were inspired, some depressed. "If only life were that easy. It's different here in real life. If only money grew from trees."

But what if the professor is bitterly right? (Which is the case.) If you really become a master of what you love, like writing, people will pay you to write or edit. If you love to travel and excel at it, people will be the one to pay for your hotel accommodations and plane tickets (like Samantha Brown).

It might be difficult because 1) you don't know yet what to do/love/dream of and 2) you are going against the tradition which our educational system has conveniently isntilled in us in conivance with corporations.

It's a challenge. And the questions you will encounter might be the most difficult ones to answer. But dare to be different. Dare to go against the status quo. You only live once #yolo. And you don't get to live forever. Why wait for 30 years or when you're 50 years old to start doing and enjoying what you love (redundant?)

Easier said than done. I guess those are issues we'll have to confront sooner or later. Thoughts?

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