Dec 23, 2012

Finding God in All Things

Christmas season marks the coming of God through the baby Jesus. It's one of those times when you really find God's presence through the decorations, the activities in the church (and in the malls) and the random acts of kindness people share with those whom they don't even know (aka outreach initiatives).

This year, I guess I can say that I've taken the challenge of St. Ignatius to find God in all things more seriously and openly. We were able to find Him...

in our homes;

in our families,

and in our relatives;

in friends who climb mountains,

in friends who swim with whales,

and in friends who've been there for more than a decade;

in workmates who fight for the environment,

and in office mates who lend money;

in the food that we eat;

in art;

in solidarity with the poor;

in our encounter with nature;

 in religion;

 and even in solitude.

After some thoughts, I realized and felt that it is God who reveals Himself to us, no matter how far we've veered away and guarded we think we are. It's more of the divine finding a way to encounter each of us, even in the most unexpected places and untimely moments. And I find this very humbling cause who am I for him to even make an effort, but a speck of stardust in time and space.

Merry Christmas!:D

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