Nov 12, 2012


My college friends usually find it corny when I say anything about Days with the Lord or religion in general. One, because they think I'm a pagan / nature worshiper / still believes in a world where Greek mythology and fairies coexist / agnostic so anything involving Christianity and I sounds fake to them. Two, DWTL is a thing of the past which was left when they graduated from high school. 

I won't lie that there isn't truth to the first, at some extent. What keeps me praying is that I can be vulnerable and broken in front of Him, without being mindful of the image I'm showing him. DWTL made Christ more personal. Instead of appearing as a discriminating and detached being, the experience of going to that retreat made him felt like a brother.

Last Saturday, after doing some research in the library of Ateneo, I went to Intramuros to join DWTL's 46th anniversary mass in San Agustin church. It was presided by a Jesuit priest who was there when the retreat first begain in Xavier during the 1960s. 

Comparing this anniv mass to the ones I attended before, I can say that a lot has improved with our community in Don Bosco. We were occupying the first half a dozen pews unlike a few years ago when I felt like I was the only one (and a friend) who attended from our community.

Now that preparations are being done for the return of the high school DWTL, I feel more and more excited. Aside from my birthday and out of town trips, I have something to look forward to for this summer. Belette and Rex are the one leading this time so I'm confident that every thing will turn out amazing.

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