Nov 23, 2012

Dare to Move!

First of all, I'm very proud to announce that this is my 501st post in blogspot! I've been blogging since 4th year high over so I can't really keep track of how many posts I've written, but reaching 501 is another milestone and something to celebrate:D

Something that I'm more proud of today is the most recent conference that I was part of. Dare to Move is the motto of Manila Kid and for the first time, thanks to AIESEC - San Beda, my dream of communicating Manila Kid's vision to a wider audience through conferences has materialized. All of the speakers, except Bjorn and Zim, were featured in Manila Kid. Some of them I've only met that morning.

Guard in San Beda: Asan ID mo? No ID, no entry.
Me: Kuya look, ako yung nasa tarp! And sa poster (pointing to the one behind him)
Guard: (smiles and lets me and my brother/photographer-for-that-morning in)

Then I was giggling on my way to the auditorium because our tarp and posters were everywhere! I kept pointing at them and saying OMG and another OMG!

The event started late, but who cares about the time when you're in front of really talented and inspiring young people? Some highlights: Dave Mariano, founder of, shared a quote that really got me thinking - "the future belongs to the few of us still willing to get our hands dirty." Nikki Viola of RX93.1 got kissed by a high school student! Bjorn Manila's topless wake boarding picture was shown:)) Kev Hernandez had girls lining up to take pictures with him after the conference. And Zim Kho, the president of AIESEC Philippines himself, will look for an internship for me in Czech! 

I felt like a small fish in a big pond. But that only challenged me to dare to dream bigger and  achieve higher! We're doing these conferences because we believe in multiplying inspired people ready to defend their dreams and go against the status quo, because we believe that age should not be a barrier to influence change on a national and global scale, and because we believe that 2011 to 2020 will be marked as the Dare to Move decade, when instead of having watchers, more and more people participate and act on the vision that they want to happen.

Dare to Move in San Beda will be the first of the many conferences which we are planning to do next year! A school and a university already expressed their intention to hold one.

As a last note, I'm very thankful to Mike Gallego VP for Comm of AIESEC San Beda and my friend for more than 6 years. Although you are tactless and rude sometimes, this event wouldn't have been possible without you! I'm really proud to be your friend and I hope you continue to make things happen!:D

Dare to move!

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