Apr 16, 2013

Who Would Have Thought?

I was browsing my Facebook album earlier when I saw a picture I posted last November 18. 

The good thing about my birthday is that it falls on summer and often on Holy Week so we don't have classes / work and we get to go on a long holiday outside the metro. I can recall almost all my birthday cause they're quite memorable, especially the last few years.

I celebrated it on the mountains with my family,

Overnight in the country club in Tagaytay with my closest friends,

Waited for the sunrise in Boracay beach with my college friends,

And just last year, on an isolated island with the family again.

Who would have thought that my status message / wish last November will come true? I spent it alone in Cambodia, stayed in a South-of-France-looking hotel as observed by Kevin, 

Explored the ancient ruins of Angkor,

Had some really good insights about myself and life in general,

Got lost and wished I can just stay there (even longer).

So how do I top that next year? Haha! Maybe Europe. Hopefully! (Fingers crossed)

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