Mar 13, 2014

A High School Student or A Housewife

I was stuck in traffic on my way to work along Ortigas avenue earlier, barely moving in front of the LSGH campus for like 20 minutes to forever. There were students going out of the school, sans drivers waiting for their sundo, so I figured, maybe it's their exam day cause it was only around 11:00am

Boredom got me and I started to think of the time when we were still in high school. Maybe the only major concerns that we had, apart from grades, were the level of coolness of the music that we listened to, how I'll be able to get more Starbucks stickers for my planner, or what to wear on the next barkada lakad (cause I don't repeat clothes kuno).

We didn't have to think of audits, key performance indicators or monthly reports. There weren't any dream yet of reducing poverty by empowering the poor with technology, or saving mother nature through interactive art installations. Yes, there was that plan of throwing the biggest soiree for the school or organizing a fund raising party for the library, but there was so much fun involved that it outweighs the "actual work."

I started to think of going back to high school - heck, I can't do that. Though I'm about to submit my application to graduate school next week and I'm kinda excited about it.

Still stuck in traffic, I stared further and saw this woman waiting inside her car for probably her son. I thought to myself, wouldn't it be great to be a housewife, married to a rich businessman? You don't have to think of work. All you have to do is take care of the kids, have desserts with your amigas, get the latest issue of a showbiz magazine, and spend the hard earned money of your husband to projects that can benefit the marginalized.

You can just attend cooking or art classes and schedule visits to your nutritionist and yoga teacher. Your most pressing concern would be on preserving your aging body or how to convince your husband to allow you to go on a Caribbean cruise with your girl friends.

Maybe if I were to be asked now what I want to become when I "grow up," I'd say I want to be a high school student, or at least a housewife, regardless of the limitations of those options. Or a monk.

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