May 15, 2013

Going Full Time

Haven't blogged as often as I wanted to even though I relatively have more time now. The scenario may change in two months in the event that I accept the sort of job offer to be a coach/trainer for an organization promulgating entrepreneurship to underprivileged youth. 

It's always inspiring to hear someone who traded a high paying corporate job to work full time in the developmental sector. Bam Aquino, or should I say Senator Aquino, is the first person that comes to my mind. But actually being in that situation is more difficult that how it sounds.

For one, the salary is lower compared to my work in the bank. Before, there is up to a 16th month salary, clothing & grocery allowance and paid vacation & sick leaves which I avail as often as every other week. The hours are a bit longer in this new job but I guess the pressure is lower - no P5.0M loan releases every other day where my neck is on the line. And hooray for flexi time!

But maybe the main reasons why I'm inclined to go full time on this is because it's aligned with the trends that are starting to shape our country this decade. Filipinos are natural entrepreneurs, we just need an extra boost to scale up our novel ideas. The underprivileged kids will really benefit on the program since even if they don't go as full time entrepreneurs, it will challenge them to see things in a fresh perspective and dare them to dream a little more.

I observed one of their classes earlier and got to know about the students' stories. Quite confidential. Those stories would never be published in Manila Kid a year ago, but nevertheless, are worth hearing. And I hope these stories will have a happily ever after ending. 

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