Feb 4, 2013

On the Spot Rock Concert Hosting Gig

I woke up yesterday feeling indifferent that I was going to a concert with some of the biggest names in the local music scene because I haven't consciously listened to OPM for the last 3 years. The names of Silent Sanctuary, Urbandub and Up Dharma Down sounded familiar but not their music. Little did I know that in about 12 hours, I'll be hosting that concert!

Nikki Viola and I were anticipating a prom proposal from the high school portico when Marwell, the college student council president, called me up with most unexpected proposal instead - "is it alright for you to host Swere with Nikki?" And I was like, baliw ka ba? Nikki was a professional DJ from RX93.1's Radio 1 while I on the other hand haven't hosted an event for like 5 years - and those were high school interactions.

So naturally, having not listened to OPM and having not hosted (especially a rock concert) for years, I said Yes. Disclaimer: that was after several minutes of convincing from Marwell and Nikki (and I, that I could do it). Why not? If I can speak in front of students from high school to college, how different can this crowd be?

Well, it turned out light-years away from the conferences that I was used to in the air-conditioned auditoriums. This was a whole lot different! I had to perk up the crowd in the football field. Energy, energy! In the absence of vodka to loosen and energize me up, Nikki was there! Whew!

In the middle of the concert, while Silent Sanctuary was playing, I realized that although this was not in my bucket list, I'll be adding this to one of my most memorable experiences. I was very grateful for this opportunity, and it was definitely something new. I doubt if I can do this again. Haha!

Carpe diem, as they say.

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