Jan 1, 2013

12 for 2012

This year is particularly special because of the people who came (and went) and made me refocus my direction. A lot of things happened this year but here are the top 12 moments that marked my 2012.

Spent the new year with my college friends in Cebu for Sinulog. It was also my first time to swim with whale sharks and attend a party which was so wild, the SWAT was needed to end it. 

Vogue Italia featured photographer Adrian Gonzales took my 22nd birthday photos in UP. We featured him last year in our online magazine.

I'mABosco continues to soar while keeping our competitors at bay. James and Mike have launched their respective brands for La Salle and San Beda. I on the other hand launched a new school brand for St. Bridget with Joanne and Nikki.

Graduated from our training program with BDO, and before the year ended, I submitted my resignation letter. My more than one year with them has been really challenging and enriching. Wouldn't have survived it without my fellow trainees.

After my work in Binondo, I often take the trains going to Mandaluyong to hold office in Paragon Plaza where I help in the business of my mom.

Was able to rekindle my love for the UAAP and a worthy effort as the Blue Eagles closed this season with no less than a 5-peat championship. One big fight!

We had the first General Assembly of Magis Solutions in Tagaytay. They are one of the leading tech groups who provide IT solutions to the developmental sector.

Graduated from my Social Entrepreneurship class under Atty. Casanova. This is where we pitched our ideas, in front of esteemed panelists - directors, presidents, CFO/CEO. Our 6 months with him allowed me to reconsider my direction and focus myself into something more worthwhile.

Was able to speak in several schools this year including FEU and San Beda. The picture below shows me with my co-speakers, where most of them were featured in our online magazine. There will be more Dare to Move seminars next year, you bet!

That three day retreat in Batulao really satisfied the much needed escape and rest I've been craving for. I can say that I was able to reconnect with myself and filter my thoughts in that place. This is where we held our high school retreat around 5 years ago, and I always feel at home here.

Ended the year on top of a mountain, Pico de Loro. Climbed it together with some of my high school friends. It made me realize how small and powerless we really are, simply a dust in the wind. Ironic that after having "conquered" a mountain, I feel more humbled.

...and there are those moments which you wish you would just forget. But I still don't regret doing this.

Bring it on 2013! Another chance for us to get it right.

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