Oct 8, 2012

Start With Why by Simon Sinek

If you are familiar with TED (not the recently released movie), you must have heard of Simon Sinek whose talk ranks as one of the most viewed speeches in the biggest portal of online conferences in the internet. He didn't talk about a new technology that will revolutionize industries, but something more powerful.

It's the secret to why Martin Luther King was able to rouse an inspired army of followers that toppled down racial segregation, or to why Apple has this cult-like following with people even setting up vigils outside Apple stores before the day of a product release.

Sinek voiced out the unarticulated and often taken for granted WHY - the reasons behind why we leave the safety of our nine to five jobs to pursue entrepreneurship, why we buy a Mac over a higher performing laptop or why we still trust our guts even though logic says otherwise.

Aside from using the stories of leaders behind institutions who have inspired a loyal base of followers, Sinek explains his theory by using Biology - the limbic and neocortex parts of the brain - to influence even the hardest of the skeptics.

"Start with Why is a powerful and penetrating exploration of what separates great companies and great leaders from the rest." I highly recommend this book to people who are brave enough to take the plunge to pursue their dreams and take with them people who can turn their visions into realities.

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