Jul 8, 2012

More Money and Significance

I guess it's been more than two months since I last blogged. Having the layout of blogger changed felt like typing from a new laptop or being transferred to a new spot to write. Well eventually I'll get used to it, thanks to our irrational tendency to adapt.

I was with my college  friends in this small rustic pub in Greenhills to celebrate Dondie's birthday last night. It's been a long time since I saw them and we really missed each other's company, evident in the amount of alcohol that was consumed.

Conversations on what we do to earn money, not simply limiting it to our jobs, was the topic of our conversation. Where do we invest money that's just sleeping in the bank? Talks on which stock to buy or what's the best mutual fund to get circled. How much is the return? 20%? 30%? How high is the risk?

I remember last year that I invested my small savings to a start-up business. The return was 200% plus loads of fun!

There are professionals out there who are earning more than they can spend. A good number of these professionals are also left looking for significance in a routine corporate work. Here is where social entrepreneurship can come in. If we can device a strategy on how it will become more "convenient" for these professionals to invest their money in solutions to social problems instead of fueling the fires of capitalism (parang hell lang) by buying stocks, we'll be able to help them treat two of their problems - more money and significance.

By this Saturday, we are to present our social entrepreneurship project idea to our professor. Rica, a former blockmate, and I teamed up for the task. We are both passionate with clothing and the youth. I hope we can think of something sustainable since I really want to commit full time on helping put an end to a lot of social problems.

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